4 Ways To Become Her Perfect Lover During Lockdown

Being able to sexually satisfy your woman is an important step to becoming a great lover. If you can fulfill all her needs, then you’ll have one of the foundations of a great relationship.

But there are a lot of things which characterize the perfect lover. In order to “rock her world”, you have to know what they are. In this article, you’ll learn about the 4 most important traits of the perfect lover. If you can master them, then you’ll be on the road towards being a great sex partner.

Locked-up in home during Corona Virus Pandemic?

Here are few strategy to ensure that you enjoy sex life with your partner far better during lock down period.

1- Putting her needs first
When it comes to sex, a woman loves a guy who puts her needs before his own. So when you’re in the bedroom, the first priority is concentrate on her needs.

To make her really enjoy sex, you should do specific things which focuses on her pleasure. For instance you need to do the following:
* Give her great foreplay

* Pay her compliments and communicate on a sexual level

* Focus on her pleasure before your own

* Be prepared for the sex to come including using protection

2- Being a sensual guy
In order to really turn on a woman, you must be a sensual lover.

Now the thing to remember about sensuality is it’s not about certain positions and having sex in a fast pace manner. Instead it’s about being in tune with your own body and knowing how to be erotic.

By acting in a sensual way you’ll create a seductive atmosphere when you’re making love to a woman. The best way to accomplish this is to certain things like:
* Lighting candles

* Having a comfortable bed with a soft feel

* Playing soothing music during sex

3- Love to experiment

I want to be honest hereā€¦
Women HATE guys who act boring in the bedroom.

In order to be a great lover, you must be willing to experiment and find out what things she likes from sex. Now the best way to experiment is to test out different things on her and find out what really “pushes her buttons”.

It’s a simple fact that ALL women are different. Each of them is turned on by unique actions. By experimenting, you’ll find out what really gives her pleasure.

For instance you should try:
* Kiss all her over body

* Give her oral sex and find out what she REALLY wants (doesn’t mean going down alone, licking and eating out breast also form of oral!)

* Change the location and the times you have sex

* Test out new sexual positions

* Experiment with things like sex games

4- Make an honest effort to please her

The final way to be her best lover is to make sure you’re actually working hard to please her.

Typically most men don’t care too much about how a woman feels during sex. Usually these guys think doing the same thing every time will make her happy.

Unfortunately this isn’t true.
To really please your woman, you must make an effort to find out what gives her orgasmic pleasure. This means if she’s not enjoying herself, then you’ll try different things to discover what works with her.

Becoming the perfect lover to a woman isn’t a hard thing to accomplish. If you make an attempt to please her and use all 4 of the actions that I described in this article, then you’ll easily be the greatest lover she’s ever had!